Wine Tasting. Bodegas Borsao’s Award Winning Wines! Wines of Spain.

Wines of Spain“Friends and Wine should be old…” (Spanish proverb)

Hello Everyone!

What better day to talk about some fantastic wines than on wine Wednesday! I had the extreme privilege of trying some incredible Spanish wines. Chris Ringland and Borsao proprietor Ingio Alberto guided us through a tasting of three of their favorite Spanish vineyard’s wines.

Bodegas Borsao was founded in 1958 in the town of Borja. As I listened to the explanation of the vineyard and Spain, I knew that I would immediately compare these wines to Italian wines. LOL.  In fact, I actually told Chris and Ingio that I am an Italian girl so you will have to really impress me. Ha-ha.

Starting with a Garnacha, Borsao Tinto, I immediately knew Italy had some major competition. Lol I normally enjoy a glass of white wine but this red that apparently goes great with pizza, is fantastic.   It has a ripe fruit nose with floral tones.  It is a full bodied wine, spicy and complex.  It sounds like an Italian woman. Ha-ha.   Retailing at 12.10$ at the LCBO, you cannot go wrong.  I might as well tell you all now; this was my favorite wine from the tasting.

The second wine the Tres Picos was more intense. It is a rich wine which has tastes of blackberry, plum and tones of leather and vanilla.  I personally found this wine too strong.  It does have a unique taste.  Retailing for 19.95$ and will be released October 15th 2016, this rich wine pairs great with pasta or even rice!

Last but not least we had the pleasure of trying the berola. This wine has a very intense cherry red colour.  It is warm and gentle in the mouth.  It definitely has a taste of black fruit, and I am told will go great with Lamb.  Retailing for 18.95$ this wine hits the LCBO on October 29th, 2016.

I have to say all three wines are a great find. They are all reasonably priced and go well with great foods.  I am extremely grateful and happy that I received a bottle of my favorite to take home!  I am one lucky and blessed girl.  And the fact it goes great with Italian pizza, makes it ok that the wine is from Spain! Ha-ha.

So cheers to the fantastic wines from Spain! I have new found love for Spanish wines.  Head over to the LCBO and check out these great wines, you will not be disappointed.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…. And now what comes at the end of this blog, well, pictures of course!


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