The Westin Harbour Castle

Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

“This is how we do it. It’s Friday night, and I feel all right…” (Montell Jordan)

RestaurantHotel 104Hello Everyone,

I have to start by saying that the Westin Harbour Castle hotel in Toronto is such a beautiful place. I fell in love with this place, as soon as I walked in. I was having a rough day before I got there, and somehow, everyone in this hotel made my weekend amazing.

When I arrived on the Friday night, I immediately met Yura. She is one sweet girl. She came over to me, as I was talking to myself and dropping all of my things. LOL. She probably thought I was nuts but the girl was incredible. She offered to help me and then she sent me the most amazing note to my room!! She already had won my heart in the lobby, so the fact that she sent me wine and cheese too, made me LOVE HER even more!!! THANK YOU YURA!!!!! You started my stay at the Westin with class.

The whole staff is amazing! I made the craziest request at midnight, and they actually came through for me!! I LOVE THE WESTIN HARBOUR CASTLE! I needed a hand held shower attachment. I know, I’m difficult sometimes, LOL. So, thank you Mayor for coming up to install that attachment for me. I am so blown away by the staff and their hospitality.

Bin, Mark, and Jason are all part of this incredible staff. They all welcomed me and made me feel like a Queen. I mean, the premier was there that weekend, I MET DOUG GILMOUR in the LOBBY, and this staff made me feel like the special guest. I can see why a lot of celebrities stay at this hotel. It is a must try for everyone. The bed in the room was like sleeping on a cloud!!! I miss that bed!!!

The thing I loved the most was the staff has amazing energy and their name tags are the cutest things. Instead of having their title under their names, they have their passions displayed. Mark LOVES HOCKEY!! HAHA… GO LEAFS GO!! Even though, Jason loves the Habs, I have to say thank you to him for the great tour and for showing me that wonderful view. Bin, you were also a delight to speak too. Bin’s passion is cricket. LOL. We are in Canada Bin; you need to cheer for the Leafs!! Thank you Bin, for being so kind and courteous.

I miss this hotel. I really miss the staff. I hope to come back soon. Maybe, I’ll see Lupul there soon??!! Ha-ha. Stay tuned everyone, as I will be talking about the restaurant Toula soon. It is located at the top of this amazing hotel!!!!!
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Until next time boys and girls…” remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off…” DID I MENTION I met DOUG GILMOUR at the Westin Harbour castle!!?! LOL. ©justbeingmeluvuholts CHECK out my pictures from my stay at the Westin: