Universal Event Space. A creation byPeterandPaul.com. Mother’s Day Brunch 2016.

Universal Event Space byPeterandPaul“A Recipe Has No Soul. You as the Cook must bring soul to the Recipe.” (Thomas Keller) “Made with LOVE…” (By PeterandPauls.com)

Hello Everyone,

It is with great pleasure for me to blog about this new event space in Vaughan Ontario. Universal Event Space is incredible.  Opening its doors in August 2015, this event space will blow your mind away as soon as you walk through the doors.  Posh, sleek, and amazing food, what more could you ask for?!?

I was invited to attend Mother’s Day 2016 at this fabulous space. Seeing the venue from only the outside, when I entered I lit up.  Perfection.  No other way to describe it.  Perfection.  I know you are all thinking nothing is perfect, and I tried to find something I really disliked, but, nothing extraordinary bothered me. LOL.  I must be in love with this space. Ha-ha.

With open bar, and food everywhere you could not possibly dislike it. Starting my lunch with shots, I had to have Limoncello and maybe some Peach Snaps too, I was beyond happy.  It was the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Shots and Food.  I told you, I LOVE UNIVERSAL event space. LOL.

What I loved most? It is hard for me to truly answer that question.  It’s like asking someone what they love most about the person they love?! LOL. I would have to say in order, food, atmosphere, unlimited drinks, music, staff, and they even had a photographer on site taking pictures of your loved ones.   I told you it was the perfect way for me to celebrate Mother’s Day 2016.  Nothing like Italian Food and a little music to brighten your day.

Universal Event Space another fabulous creation by Peter and Paul is definitely a space you all need to try. Put on your best outfit, that stretches (ha-ha) and go to Universal Event Space.  Eat a lot of Pasta, chicken, and oh my dessert!!!  It was like being in heaven.  Nothing like sugar to bring happiness to everyone around.

If you do not believe me, you must check out my pictures. I had such a fantastic time and would like to thank Universal Event Space for my invite.  I am always available for any creation by Peter and Paul.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off… AND NOW…pictures from Universal Mothers 2016.


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