TIFF 2016. Toronto International Film Festival. The Tennessee Kids, Justin Timberlake.

TIFF Toronto International Film Festival“Cause I don’t wanna lose you now. I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me.  The vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold.” (Mirrors…Justin Timberlake)

Hello Everyone!

September is an exciting time here in Toronto. Why?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the month of the Toronto International Film Festival.   TIFF has become a huge production in this great city I live in.  I was extremely fortunate and blessed to have had an opportunity to attend.  Not only did I attend, but, I got to sit in the 4th row and see one of my all-time favorite singers, Justin Timberlake.

Not many may like boy bands, LOL. However, even though Justin Timberlake originated with the group N-Sync, he has flourished into an incredible artist on his own.  He is a triple threat; he can act, sing and dance.  He is talented beyond belief and he has a fantastic sense of humor.   I love Justin Timberlake. (Ha-ha)

The Tennessee Kids is a documentary with Justin Timberlake capturing his 2 year World Tour, the 20/20 experience. It was filmed during his last show in the city of Las Vegas.  I did attend the concert when it first arrived in Toronto.  It’s Justin Timberlake; I needed to see him live. LOL.  Not to mention, his music makes me feel alive.  From Sexy Back to Mirrors, Justin knows how to work a crowd.  All of that magic was clear in his documentary of The Tennessee Kids.

I was not bored once during the screening of The Tennessee Kids. I sang and danced in my seat throughout the 2 hour experience.  And, I admit I was still smiling from getting a glimpse of Justin as he spoke about the creation of his film.  It did however bring back a fond memory for me.  I remembered the first time I ever heard the song Mirrors.  I remember thinking wow, Justin is in love.  LOL.  The words in the song are so real.  They say when you are in love, songs begin to make sense. Ha-ha.  Does Mirrors finally make sense??? I mean, I can honestly say Sexy Back does, as for Mirrors, I guess time will tell…LOL.

If you did not have an opportunity to attend the 20/20 experience tour when it first came about, make sure to make some time to watch The Tennessee Kids. It will make you feel happy. I mean I would And all that matters at the end of the day is that we all find happiness. 🤗 “It’s like you’re my mirror.  My mirror staring back at me.” (Justin Timberlake)  I can look in my mirror, can you? Show time….  Evolving is always a splendid thing… precious. Cheers… Love ❤️ is in the air. Lol.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off… As always, pictures.


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