Table 21 Kitchen and Wine Bar. Incredible Restaurant. Incredible Food.

Table 21 Kitchen and Wine Bar, Toronto Ont“I LOVE YOU so SHUCKING MUCH…” (

Hello Everyone,

The above quote won my heart. ❤️When you win that you win #mystomach and #soul too, LOL And so the newly renovated Table 21 Kitchen and Wine bar won just that! It just so happens, I found the above quote on their Facebook Page as this great place offers buck a shuck on Saturday’s. But don’t you worry, if you are not an oyster person, they have numerous options for you. You are missing hotdogs 😬 but, the food ladies and gentlemen is fantastic.  And this girl was fortunate enough to not only try their dinner menu but I also had a go at their brunch menu.  Head chef Steve Hornostaj deserves much praise at the great options available on both menus. Nothing like a #fullbelly! Lol 😘👌🏼

Table 21 Kitchen and Wine Bar reopened its newly renovated space in November 2016. Owners Chris and Eleni Mak created an upscale and trendy atmosphere.  Meeting at Café Demetri’s at table 21, Chris and Eleni wanted the name to reflect the incredible times they shared when they met.  They are one special couple.  You can see the love, it is obvious.  Happiness is in their eyes ladies and gents.  Now, I have to say Chris and Eleni, I for one felt the love in the restaurant.   And it’s not because you put on Stevie B for me, although that helped LOL, but, it was obvious that every customer who entered felt comfortable.  Every customer could see that realness existed.  They came for the great food and company.   Safe and cozy.  Good people, good food and real pictures…YUM YUM YUM.

The food was to die for. I enjoyed both dinner and brunch.  I was spoiled like no other.  I absolutely loved my pasta!! The short rib pappardelle were delightful.  I honestly do not know what I loved more the pasta or my Chicken & Waffles and French toast at brunch.  I mean, you put whipped cream on the French toast.  It won my heart.  And then I had the extreme pleasure of having the Mason Jar Sundae with Blueberry Tea.  YUMMY all the way around.  That Blueberry Tea made with disaronno, Grand Marnier and orange pekoe tea hit the spot.  It made me all warm and fuzzy.

If you are looking for a quaint, classy restaurant with fantastic food, Table 21 Kitchen and wine Bar is for you. They even have live music on Friday nights, and if you are a wine drinker, Wednesday is BYOW, with no corkage fee.  So cheers to the newly renovated Table 21 Kitchen and Wine Bar.  Next time I come to visit, I expect to sit at table 21. LOL.    And maybe, just maybe one day Stevie B will perform live at your fabulous restaurant. Ha-ha.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…and it sure did for Chris and Eleni Mak. “Because I Love you, I’ll be right by your side…” (Stevie B) I’m still singing it. LOL.  Wait., is this the right song? LOL. 💥💥👌🏼

Now, you must see how amazing these pictures are of the fantastic food from Table 21!


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