SHAYNE !! New CD. New Artist. Music to your ears!!

img_6926“I began a romantic relationship that burned intensely bright for a short period…..Famous is taking the idea of being famous by turning it on his head; I want to be famous, famously in love.” (Shayne)

Hello Everyone,

This past summer, I had the extreme privilege of meeting and listening to a young new artist, Shayne Stolz.   Shayne who began his singing debut in grade one, was incredible.  Singing from his new CD Shayne, he bolted out songs such as Famous, Don’t walk away, Those Days and one of my favorites You Lift me up.  Shayne definitely lifted up the crowd on that summer’s night; everyone was dancing and clapping to his music.

Working with various vocal coaches including Seth Riggs who worked with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, Shayne formalized his musical training by earning a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Music Studies with a Major in Vocal Studies.   You can now catch a glimpse of Shayne throughout Toronto, with gigs at the Supermarket, Free Times Café, and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

With a collection of his original songs his self-debut album SHAYNE was released April 2016.  With 11 tracks on his debut CD, all tracks will touch your soul in some form.  Shayne’s music is clearly a reflection of emotional ups and downs in life.  He discusses love, his parents’ divorce, growing up and moving on with happiness in his music.  It is a great CD and very easy to relate to. The fact that Shayne is part Italian does not affect my opinion what so ever. LOL.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen this boy can sing in Italian.  And before you ask, no I did not get him to sing me the popular Italian song Rosse Rose.  Although, I am told he does know the song quite well.

Shayne Stolz is young and fresh and can belt out a song with perfect pitch.  Make sure to pick up his new CD today! I hope in your next CD Shayne, you include some of those Italian tunes you know. Ha-ha.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off… AND now pictures from Shayne’s CD release party!!


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