Rashers. Makers of Quality Bacon Sandwiches.

Rashers Toronto Bacon Sandwiches“Either you like Bacon or you’re WRONG…” (Quotes gram)

Hello Everyone,

Who loves BACON???? If you are a fan of Bacon and you are in Toronto, get your butt over to Rashers.  At Rashers you will find bacon, bacon and bacon.  You can get it crispy.  You can get it with different flavours.  Let’s just say you will get fresh bacon as you choose.

I had the extreme pleasure of trying a few items on their menu. What was my favorite? Well, boys and girls it was hard to pick only one but I did fall for the Bacon Caesar.  I fell so hard for this sandwich; the owners were kind enough to give this girl one to take home!!

The night was incredible. Trying menu items such as the Brie & Bacon burger, Apple & Bacon Grilled Cheese and another one of my favorites the Bacon Burger I was so satisfied that my tummy almost popped. Ha-ha.

Ladies and Gentlemen Rashers has two incredible locations in Toronto. With locations on Queen St East & Ossington Ave, head down and try my favorite Bacon Caesar. It will be worth the trip!  And, you must get the best Cream Soda that I have ever had to drink.  It was delightful.

Rashers is a great environment with friendly outgoing staff. I enjoyed the music of Grease in the background; I loved all the bacon and best of all I got to take home a great goodie bag and my favorite sandwich.  I have no complaints.   I am definitely going back to get more bacon.  This little piggy loves her bacon crispy.  LOL.  So, make it crispy and be ready for this girl to come back for another go at that Bacon Caesar Sandwich.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…. Actually, Rashers I have one small request…the next time I come back if it’s lunchtime, you need to turn it to Z1035.  I can’t stop listening to way back lunch with Danny D… (HAHAHA)  EVERYONE, head over to a Rashers today and have some BACON!!!!!!!

Now, as always I leave you with pictures!


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