One of a Kind Show and Sale, 2016. Christmas Show. Happy Holidays!

One of a Kind Show 2016“Makers make it Better….” (One of a Kind Christmas Show 2016)

Hello Everyone,

Since 1975 the One of a Kind Show and Sale has marked the start of the holiday season. From November 24th-December 4th 2016, the Enercare Centre becomes a holiday wonderland filled with great gift ideas and fun.  I had the extreme pleasure of checking out the show on November 24th.  Not only did I have a chance to walk around and see all the great gift ideas but I had an incredible breakfast prepared by Chef Michael Hunter by Antler.

Breakfast which included Wild Blueberry Granola, House Smoked Salmon on Challah, Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin and a lovely Frittata was delicious. So, if you do not know me by now, you should know I do not like fish.  Never did, never will.  It’s just the realness in me; I stick to what I love.  So, I passed on the Salmon but I have to say Chef Michael Hunter, that Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin and that Frittata was outstanding.  The most important meal of the day was fabulous on November 24th and I thank you Chef Michael Hunter for preparing it.

Once I completed my delicious breakfast, I began to walk the show. Now, I always always buy cookies at the One of a Kind Show.  What can I say?  I love my cookies. Especially these ones.  The sweetest cookies EVER.  DELICIOUS.  I can’t leave the show without them. I mean, when you love it, you love it. Hockey Cookies & when someone amazing scores you get.,  oh ya… keeping it real.  Close your eyes, you don’t want that surprise (leafs win always) .  I do want to quickly say, this year I had to purchase peanut butter.  It’s not just regular peanut butter, this is MONKEY BUTTER!!! LOL.  After much deliberation on which flavor to settle on, I decided on Vanilla Bean Espresso.  And yes, I already opened the jar and had myself some Monkey Butter.  That Vanilla Bean Espresso makes my mornings special.

I always gravitate towards the food at the One of a Kind Show.   It’s so unique and fab, but, they have more than just food. They have personalized ornaments, the most unique socks and clothes, AND I loved the paintings this year.  The sayings were delightful.  Nothing better than positive quotes to hang in your home.

So, head on down to the One of a Kind Show this year. Late night shopping occurs Dec 1st until 11pm.  There is free parking after 5pm.  A DJ, Fashion Show at 8pm with outstanding and chic clothing and this year they have the cutest Art Centre set up.   Keep your children busy in the Art Centre while you shop, it’s fantastic!

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…Thank you again to the One of a Kind Show for having this girl preview the best Christmas show in the city! And now I leave you with pictures… Happy Holidays! Peace, Love, Happiness & lots of tasty sweets 🍭.


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