Niagara Film Festival. Film Feast Preview.

Niagara Film Festival“Film Feast…  Food, film, wine and beautiful scenery.  I can honestly say, it’s FILMALICIOUS…” (Niki S)

Hello Everyone,

My day on Thursday June 4th 2015, started off with a pole dance and Michael Jackson playing on a bus.  LOL.  Yes, it started off FANTASTIC. I was so very blessed to be invited to preview the Niagara Integrated Film Festival.  Yes, they have a Film Festival!  AND it is happening from June 18th-21st.  So, if you can attend this amazing event, DO IT!!!  Ok, you won’t get me dancing on a poll with MJ in the back ground but, you will get some fantastic movies, food and yes WINE!

We started off at Pondview Winery.  This is my first time to Niagara on the Lake, and I am so in love with it.  It is beautiful and relaxing and yes, the wine that was served helped me fall in love a little more.  LOL.  Pondview Winery, served us Brie Cheese, paired with Harmony White wine, Grand Padano Cheese with BellaTerra Chardonnay and Aged Cheddar with Capicola and my favorite PROSCIUTTO with a choice of Red or Cabernet Merlot.  So, I loved the Prosciutto, I mean it is Italian. LOL.  And I really enjoyed the Red Merlot & Harmony white.  We all had the pleasure of screening two short films after the wine and food.  I am going to be honest, we screened these movies in the winery and it was pretty cold in there. It felt like I was in Nonno’s cantina, and the movies honestly, did not do much for me.  I kept thinking of prosciutto and red wine.

Next stop, Konzelmann Estate Winery.  WOWWWWWWWWW.  I loved this winery.  It was so beautiful.  I also have to say the food was not to shabby either.  The portions are small here but hey, they were generous on the wine, so, drink up!  We had Mini Chicken Caesar’s, I had two.  LOL.  Ok, so when they gave me the Smoked Salmon Blinis, I swapped it for another Caesar with my neighbor.  I am not a fish person.  It looked fantastic though. Dessert was a Mascarpone & Strawberry Muffin.  We all drank the Konzelmann Pinot Noir.  I am now officially a red wine drinker. Ha-ha.  Short Films viewed here were Saving Face & MY PERSONAL FAVORITE OF THE DAY, The Timekeeper. This short film reminded us all that when it comes to spending time, everyone has a choice.  Choose happiness.  Spend your time with people who make you laugh.  LOVED this short film!

Last but not least, we stopped at Pillitteri Estate Winery.  Now, I have to say by now, my head was light and I was feeling happy.  LOL.  Maybe, that movie Timekeeper got to me more than I thought, ha-ha.  But, I loved the food here, well; again I traded my Confit Duck for this amazing Thyme & Butter Tossed Mushrooms with Goat Cheese and Crisps.  That mushroom appetizer hit the spot.  It was paired with Pinot Gris.  I did try the Vidal Ice Wine that was also served at this winery, but, way too sweet for my taste buds.  Yes, we viewed two more movies at this beautiful winery.  Farewell and the Sleeping Giant.  At this point, I was happy, so, they could have showed me golf and I would have been good with it.

The Niagara Integrated Film Festival is an amazing experience and it runs just in time for Father’s Day!  Take your Dad on the Film Feast Tour as a gift, he will LOVE IT!!! for more details.

Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off…”

Thank you, so much for the media invite Daniela & Ingrid.  I had a blast and will now, probably take poll dancing classes.  Ha-ha.

Whose ready for some pictures???!!!


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