Milestones Restaurant

…Which Location is the Best One?

“Pour some sugar on me. Ooh, in the name of love. Pour some sugar on me…” (Def. Leppard)

Hello Everyone,

I decided for this blog post to do something I have never done before in my posts. I went to 3 different Milestones restaurants, to see which one would give me the most exciting experience. I know that Milestones is a very popular chain of restaurants and they all serve the same menu, therefore, which one won my heart?

Milestones Yorkdale, Milestones Vaughan and Milestones Queensway were the 3 locations I visited. I have to say, that despite the fact all 3 have the same menu, the service was completely different. Yorkdale, by far won my heart. They were polite, on point, and were the busiest restaurant of the three locations. It amazed me how the busiest restaurant had the most attentive and caring server. Not only was the service the best at this location but the food was also the winner.

Stephanie, you were an incredible server. My friend and I enjoyed your company and the knowledge you had for the menu. You made our experience at Milestones Yorkdale incredible and I will definitely come back to visit soon. I am not just saying all of this because of those amazing Bellinis you provided us. LOL. Did you know you could get an extra shot of vodka to put in your Bellini?? Yes, they come in different flavors. I had blueberry vodka, and my friend poured strawberry vodka on her drink. It was amazing! You must try this extra shot. If you go to Milestones on a Tuesday it is “BELLINI” night!! Yahoo!!! You get those drinks at a reduced cost.

I am in love with their new appetizer the Chorizo Mozzarella Fritters. They were incredible. I also have to say the cheesecake at this restaurant is not too shabby. LOL. I want to thank Milestones Yorkdale for the great service and hope, to see all of you soon!

Until next time boys and girls remember: “to always just be yourself, it will eventually pay off…”

POUR that extra shot of vodka on your Bellini guys and gals; you will not regret it… LOL.
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Here are some pictures from my night at Milestones Yorkdale: