Kultura Toronto 2016. Filipino Arts Festival.

Kultura Toronto Filipino Arts Festival“We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back.” (Rodrigo Duterte)

Hello Everyone!

I love placing a quote above each and every blog to set the tone of the blog. This quote came from a wise Filipino man, and I thought what better way to start a blog regarding Kultura 2016 than with a quote about moving on.

Kultura is Canada’s only multi-disciplinary Filipino arts festival. It features art, live music and Philippine culinary cuisine.   Running for 11 years now, this festival knows the meaning of moving forward!!  With modern culture and youth volunteers you can feel the happiness in the air.  August 7th 2016 at Toronto Nathan Philips Square, I had the privilege of attending this magnificent festival.

With performances by DATU and HATAW on the main stage, the audience was entertained all day. The great thing about Kultura is that not only can you try different Philippine cuisine but you can also see all the unique jewelry and art that is displayed throughout Nathan Philips Square.

It was a hot sunny day on August 7th.  It was so hot that I used some of my passport dollars to try two incredible drinks.  First up was Calamansi Iced Tea by Kanto.  Let’s just say, it hit the spot on a hot summer’s day. LOL.  It was a great drink.  I also drank Calamansi Salabat by Lamesa.  If I have to choose the one I preferred, the drink by Lamesa wins.  Made with ginger, star anise, and calamansi, it had a sweet taste. I loved it.  I am not the only one who loved Lamesa and their creations.  Lamesa just happened to win the food competition that day.

Blessed with the best. I just happened to eat the food created by the winning restaurant.  I did get the opportunity to indulge in their Fried Chicken ADOBO sandwich with coconut ranch and potato salad.  No complaints here, it was all gone in 60 seconds.  Ha-ha.  So, congratulations to Lamesa for winning the food competition and receiving two round trip flights to Manila!

If you missed Kultura Toronto this year, it will be back next year! Do not miss it!  Running for 3 days, you will have an opportunity to learn and experience the Philippines right here in Toronto!

Now, I would like to conclude my blog by saying this, I have been to numerous events and festivals and I always enjoy the company of the Pilipino crowd. They are polite, fun and lively!  You can see happiness everywhere.  AND yes the food is fantastic too! LOL.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off. Thank you Kultura Toronto for having this girl at your event! NOW, pictures!!   ©nikisblogger

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