It’s TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to Jamaica!!! Miss YOU!!!

Jamaica View“Girl, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel….closer than my peeps you are to me, baby…” (Shaggy)

Hello Everyone,

I would like to conclude my Jamaican tales, by saying, I miss Jamaica so much!! I miss the sun, the music, the people, the food and I miss laughing every day. It was by far, one of the best vacations and hotels, I have stayed in.

Grand Bahia Principe, had the friendliest staff and every day, I heard “ good morning” in the halls. I would wake up to the sounds of Bob Marley and Shaggy and I could hear the laughter of everyone who stayed at the resort.  I was happy, happy, happy.

I miss the jerk chicken and yes, I missed the pasta. LOL. I used to get them to make me agile e oglio pasta at lunch. They always thought I was crazy asking them to not use sauce and only make my pasta with only oil and garlic. I have to say that I did miss the fact that in Jamaica, they do not have fresh mushrooms. LOL. I’m not kidding, they only had canned mushrooms.?!?!! The staff, made me feel special.  All of them went out of their way to give me whatever I needed. Tanisha girl, I miss you and thank you for ALL the towels!!!!! You always kept our room so clean and always gave me that great big smile of yours in the morning. I hope, you enjoy the floatie and pink bag I left you girl!! I hope, I will one day come back and visit you soon.

Stretch, “ Mr. Sun Doctor..” Thank you, for the aloe Vera plant and for thinking my friend and I were “tog.” LOL. The things, you need to do at times when you try and be nice. Ha-ha. Although, hearing “TI AMO” at dinner in Jamaica was insanely weird. As much, as I miss sharing a room with you Boo, I love my bed and the last time someone sang Ti Amo to me, it was really special. LOL.

Runaway Bay, I have very fond memories of my stay. I enjoyed, the Michael Jackson show, and I LOVED cocktail nights!! Did I mention, I LOVED cocktail nights?!? Until, the next time I vacation in Jamaica mon…I will make sure, I do not lose you at night Boo, I will have enough aloe, I will make sure I know all of MJ’s music and I will make sure to see Jesus, unless I hear him first, LOL! I LOVE JAMAICA mon!!!!! And I hope whoever visits this fantastic country enjoys it as much as I did.  Next time we need to stay longer, mon.  And we definitely need some incredible pictures. Nothing like a great vacation & company.  You know what they say the second time is always better. Oh wait, it’s third times a charm, lol.

Until next time boys and girls..” remember, to always just be yourself it will eventually pay off…”

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