Grand Bahia Principe, Jamaica. The pool.

Jamaica 111“Mr. Boombastic…What you want is some boombastic romantic fantastic lover….” (Shaggy)

Hello Everyone,

The Grand Bahia Principe has the most amazing pool. It is the biggest pool, I have ever seen. It goes around the whole hotel. The days in Jamaica were spent by the pool, listening to music, having drinks, and my favorite was BINGO. Lol. Every day, Bingo was played at that pool and every day they gave out prizes to the winner. In fact, one day the prize was weed. LOL. Yes, you read it correctly; they gave out weed as a prize. WOW mon, Jamaica is nothing like Toronto!! Hahaha

They had so many activities at that pool from water aerobics, to Mr. Jamaica but I will never forget Queen Audrey. Queen Audrey read tea leaves. LOL. You know, I had to see what this women was all about mon. The queen does readings for 20$ American and I have to say she is very entertaining. Would I recommend a reading? If you want to laugh, yes. LOL. The queen informed me that a Michael would contact me and not to speak with him. The only Michael I know is dead, and I promise you, I am not speaking with him. I mean, unless, I learn some “hocus pocus”; Michael is not speaking to me anytime soon. Hahaha. I was also informed that someone who is in love with me, I apparently torture him. LOL. Whoever, you are, I apologize if this is true. Unless, he brings up the Bruins, I don’t think I torture anyone; at least I don’t do it on purpose. : p

I do have to say that one day; my sister went to get us some KFC. It is the best chicken I ever tried, mon. I’m telling you, you have to get KFC when you are in Jamaica. Little Bianca, who is 18 months, ate that KFC like she never saw food before. It was finger, licking good. YUMMY!!

I LOVE JAMAICA mon!!!! I cannot wait to go back! WHOOP, WHOOP!!!

Until next time boys and girls. remember to always “ just be yourself, it will eventually pay off…”


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