Famous People Players. Great Balls of Fire.

Famous People Players“Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you…” (Elvis Presley)

Hello Everyone,

On a Sat night in March I arrived at Famous People Players Theatre and was greeted by one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Benny D’Onofrio immediately greeted me with the words “OH what’s that?!” I jumped as I wasn’t paying attention; I admit I was on Instagram. LOL. I looked up and he said “I’m a Leafs Fan too” and I immediately realized he was talking about my iPhone case.  And then Benny said something that just made me laugh, “They have to beat Ottawa tonight “.  I knew immediately I was at a place where dreams are alive and hope exists.

We started our evening with drinks and listening to a look alike Elvis Presley who serenated us in the dinner area. As I sang along to Elvis, I realized as I was looking around that the majority of the employees at Famous People Players were of special needs. I was already impressed and as my evening went on I quickly could see how magical this place truly was.

Famous People Players began over 25 years ago as a workshop for young people who were labeled at the time as “mentally retarded”. It went from a church basement to Broadway. Diane Dupuy, Founder and Artistic Director began her puppet show one year at the CNE.  As a young girl Diane struggled in school and trying to find ways to fit in.  Failing Grade 3, 6 and grade 9 twice, Diane discovered puppets.  It was these puppets that gave Diane an opportunity to perform.  It was these puppets that got the attention of celebrities such as Bill Cosby and Liberace.  And it was these puppets that created shows from the idea of Black Light.

Great Balls Of Fire was Rock & Roll at its best. Michael Jackson and Elvis return to give the audience a fantastic show.  Singing throughout the whole show, I did not stop once.  LOL.  Famous People Players is magic.  I mean I did sing out loud and no one stopped me. LOL.

I actually wanted to take home puppets after the show. I mean, how great would it be to have these puppets in my room?! LOL.  I could sing all day and night to them…”You better shape up, because I need a man….”

“It was as if a guardian angel had come in and waved a magic wand…” (Diane Dupuy) Those words are exactly how you feel when you watch in amazement as these incredible people perform. They light the stage and make you believe that everyone can achieve their dreams.  I urge you all to check out a show at Famous People Players.  I left the theatre with a warm fuzzy feeling.  Everyone at the show truly has a heart of gold.

Thank you for inspiring me Famous People Players. No one at this theatre let fear stop them from achieving their goals.  You are all truly inspiring.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…and it did for the amazing people at Famous People Players.


And now pictures;


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