Debbie Travis. La Dolce Debbie. Designer. Sears Canada. Pillitteri Wines.

Debbie Travis La Dolce Debbie“I think happiness is being at the right place at the right time…. I LOVE TUSCANY.” (Debbie Travis)

Hello Everyone,

I have been blogging now for approximately 19 months and I have had the privilege of meeting some incredible people. However, I have to say that Debbie Travis was the most incredible lady I have met thus far.  She was so incredible that I am writing a blog post just about her!!! LOL

I had the opportunity to chat with Debbie about a month ago at the Cottage Life Show in Toronto. She is genuine, sweet, funny and beautiful. She is my new women crush (ha-ha) I am being serious, I am not just saying these wonderful things about her because I LOVE TUSCANY and want to go to her villa.  I am speaking from my heart, and if you have an opportunity to watch her documentary La Dolce Debbie, you will see that I am being genuine when I say Debbie Travis is Bellissima!!!

Fifteen years ago Debbie fell in love with Italy. Being raised Italian and I speak the language fluently (LOL), I can relate to Debbie’s love affair for the country. She purchased a 100 acre property in Tuscany which was at first “a dump.”  However, with a lot of patience, 5 years, 80 Italian tradesmen, Debbie created an amazing getaway Villa that will blow your socks off!!!!!

Debbie who doesn’t speak Italian, found it difficult to get things done in Italy. I can tell you I get a headache dealing with one Italian man (my father) every day; I admire you Debbie for dealing with over 80.  I am however, willing to offer you my services.  I can teach you Italian, and you can get one of those guest rooms ready for me because Debbie that Tuscany retreat is the most amazing thing I’ve seen since fresh bread!! It is gorgeous.  And the fact you serve Limoncello to your guests makes me sing your praises even louder!!

If you get a chance, head over to Sears Canada, they have an amazing collection of products that were designed by Debbie Travis. AND I am told that in May (which just happens to be my birthday month) Debbie Travis is releasing a wine!  Yes, Debbie Travis will have a Pinot Grigio created by Pillitteri Estates.  This white wine is apparently smooth and crisp.  Now, I haven’t tried this wine yet but I can tell you that white wine is my favorite and I normally order a Pinot Grigio.  So, congratulations Debbie Travis you are an inspiration to all women and I love the bottle you created for the wine.

I was so thrilled and humbled to be able to give you one of my water bottles, and when I saw you drinking it, I got goose bumps. I actually turned to my friend and said “Oh my God, she’s drinking it and did she say my Dad is from the mafia?!? LOL” My Dad is from Naples and my Mom is from Calabria and when Debbie asked me where my parents were from, she said that comment.  I laughed and am still laughing.  If only that was true, then maybe I could get things done quicker….hahaha.

It was such a pleasure to meet and chat with you. Your new line at Sears Canada is fantastic, your Villa in Tuscany looks incredible and I am looking forward to trying your wine.  Maybe, we can have that wine together in Tuscany as I teach you how to speak Italian??!! LOL.  I’ll bring the water. (Ha-ha)

EVERYONE try and get those episodes of LA Dolce Debbie, it is MANIFICO.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off….

AND NOW pictures with the one and only DEBBIE TRAVIS. CHEERS!! SALUTE!!


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