Cupcakes, Cupcakes and Cupcakes…DVAS Custom Cakes and Treats

Hello Everyone!

Who doesn’t love the sugar song?!? 🍭 It makes you dance baby! 💥💋Well, ladies and gentlemen, my cousins and I use to sing this song allllllll the time. LOL. It came to me once again when I walked into DVAS custom cakes and treats, and I have been singing this song ever since. DVAS custom cakes and treats was kind enough to offer this girl cupcakes for a 60s Halloween Party I was attending.

Diane Vassiliou, owner of DVAS Custom cakes and treats has been someone I have looked up to for years! Mother of 2 boys and cake designer, this girl opened her bake shop January 30th 2016.  However, Diane baked since the day I connected with her on Twitter.  I remember how involved Diane was with supporting our men and women in blue and that gave me an extra connection to her.  So not only did Diane use sugar but she also loves our police officers, and that ladies and gentlemen gave her a special place in my heart!  This girl is a pure sweetheart.

Baking for 7 years and specializing in wedding cakes, custom cakes, cupcakes and desserts, DVAS custom cakes have won 2 diamond awards. Placing 1st from the Records readers’ choice awards in 2016 for Kitchener, Cambridge & waterloo for Favorite Wedding Cake Shop and winning a 2nd place platinum award for Favorite business open 12 months or less, this newly opened cake shop is on its way to do more greatness in the GTA.

So, which cupcakes did I have the pleasure in trying? Well, I got S’mores, Nutella/Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Kit Kat and Cinnamon Swirl.   I also had the privilege of trying Diane’s very special Nutella Brownie.  LOL.  Let’s just say that brownie seriously Rocked My World.  I LOVED IT!! Well, it did have Nutella in it. Ha-ha #PourItAllOver #TopBottom make it Nutella🎉🎉.  But, hold on ladies and gentlemen this girl not only gave me these incredible cupcakes but she designed a very special sports cupcake for ME!! My face lit up when my Leafs/Jays Cupcake was given to me.  Diane, I LOVED IT!!  It was the best thing given to me in a long time. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  Cupcakes, Leafs and Jays, who needs more than that?

If you need cupcakes, custom cakes and desserts, DVAS custom cakes will even deliver within the GTA. So, check out my pictures below on the great job Diane did with my cupcakes and treats and give this girl a call! GO LEAFS GO!! Thank you again Diane, I loved my Sports Cupcake and everyone enjoyed the treats on Halloween!

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off….it sure did for DVAS custom cakes and treats! AHHHHH Sugar….

NOW, Pictures!!


DVAS Custom Cakes and Treats img_7218 img_7216 img_7221 img_7140 img_7141 img_7148 img_7433 img_7432 img_7192 img_7430 img_7176 img_7190 img_7136 img_7142 img_7135 img_7133