Canadian National Exhibition 2015. The CNE. THE EX!!

Canadian National Exhibition. THE CNE.“C N E, C N E…, It’s THE EX!! You can rock it, you can roll it, and you can fly it at THE EX!!!… LET’S GO TO THE EX OHHHHHHHH BABY!!! “(YouTube, Retrontario)

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to write this blog today!! It’s the last weekend of summer and the place to be if you’re in Toronto is, THE EX!! I had the extreme privilege of visiting the CNE this past week and if you are heading down this weekend, make sure to check out my favorite things about this year’s EXHIBITION!

The first thing we did when we arrived at the Canadian National Exhibition was get a FOOTLONG CORN DOG!! I love corn dogs….YEAAAAHHH CORNDOGS BABY! I actually watched him make it. LOL. Listen, everyone talks about the food at The Ex. It’s always featured on every blog, news station. No matter how crazy, the creations get from deep fried cheesecake to turkey waffles, to poutine cake, I still love the classics. My favorites are FOOT LONG CORN DOGS, and the Ice CREAM waffle, which by the way celebrated its 75th year. Happy Birthday ICE CREAM WAFFLE!! I look forward to this waffle all year. NO ONE makes ice cream sammies like the CNE.

We actually went on one of the hottest days of the year. LOL. Go figure, it’s cold pretty much all year round in Toronto but when I go to the CNE it’s so hot you can cook eggs on the ground. We had to cool off, so, we went inside the Direct Energy building only to discover this FANTASTIC WINE BAR!! Yes, a wine BAR at the CNE!! Drink up. It was fabulous. Music playing, band singing and air conditioning. Ha-ha.

Now, you have to go watch the ice show. Inside Ricoh Coliseum, there is an aerial acrobatics & Ice skating show with Olympic gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! It’s FREE with admission!! I LOVE THE CNE!! And the ice show was fantastic. It took us all around the world, expect they forgot ITALY, but, that’s ok (LOL), I was staying cool and singing to Shakira and Usher. LOL

My friend then dragged me on CRAZY MOUSE. This ride was indeed crazy. However, I did enjoy it. We laughed the whole time on it, and she took pictures. Yes, I know, she is as crazy as the Mouse. But, I loved it. Try it out.

THE GAMES!!! I am one lucky girl every year at THE CNE!! I won not one by two Minions and a FROG, don’t ask. LOL. I liked the Frog. It was cute. Guess my age, always makes me win! (WINK)

AND now, I saved the best for last. LISTEN, I have been dying to get a SHARE A COKE with my name on it. We find out, it will be there this weekend at THE EX, but, NIKI is not there!! Share a COKE; I need one with my name on it!!! Please, help this girl out!!!! We did purchase a coke, but, my friend asked for Diana as that’s her name but we ended up with ROBERT. LOL. I think the universe is sending me a message of some sort. ROBERT does not sound like Diana, but, who knows, maybe, there’s someone out there with that name who will end up with me. HAHAHAHA. So, yes, I have a share a coke and yes, the name on it is Robert. I need NIKI!!!!

I love the Canadian National Exhibition, and just recently got to meet CNE president Brian Ashton! SO, I Can’t WAIT FOR CNE 2016 BABY!!! Mr. President, Brian Ashton, I enjoyed meeting you.  Anyone who loves Twitter, is alright by me!

GO TO THE EX EVERYONE!!! This weekend is the AIRSHOW!!!!!! AND THIS girl has a special blog coming soon, on the SHOW. (Ok, I met a special Blue Jays Player too!!) I’m telling you, THE EX is the BEST!

Until next time boys and girls, “remember, to always just be yourself, it will eventually one day pay off…” SEE YOU in 2016 CNE!!!

You know the drill, pictures are NEXT!!!!!! XOXOXO


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