AsparaBUS tour. Barrie Hill Farms. Food Land Ontario. Let me HEAR SOME SPRING LOVE!!!

Asparagus. Ontario Farmers. Food Land Ontario“I remember when we first started. You came to me and you were broken hearted… SPRING LOVE come back to me…” (Stevie B)

Hello Everyone,

On Friday May 27th 2016 I was fortunate enough to be included on another fun adventure organized by The Foodies on Foot.  Yes, everyone, this girl was back on the Asparabus and this time Spring Love was in the air.  LOL.

The destination this time was Barrie Hill Farms. I was blessed to have met some incredible people on this bus.  I mean, I found some freestylers and I got some serious swag from Barrie Hill Farms. All in all a fantastic day.  With the sun shining and bees pollinating everywhere, (yes, I am scared of bees) I had the songs of Stevie B in my brain.  However, that only put me in the best mood to learn about asparagus.

When arriving to Barrie Hill Farms we were greeted by Foodland Ontario, Owners of the Farm, who just happened to look like Russ Courtnall,(lol)  and of course Ontario Asparagus. Learning facts about asparagus like Ontario asparagus is available from early May to end of June.  Asparagus under ideal weather conditions can grow up to 25 cm.  Now, there’s something you can sing about it. LOL.  I had a chance to get some sun, ride the asparagus train to the farm and yes, I thought about jumping on top of the train to sing Spring Love, but, something stopped me.  Yes, I was hungry. Ha-ha.

After touring this incredible farm, we had a private chef cook us lunch and yes of course we had asparagus.  Ontario asparagus is just good health and nutrition so of course we had it for lunch.  Les, our chef was great.  I am told he will be at Barrie Hill Farms for the summer, so, go visit Les and get some fresh Ontario Asparagus while you can.

Ontario asparagus farmers grow most of Canada’s fresh and tasty asparagus, so support Ontario Land Food and take a short road trip to Barrie. You will not be disappointed; they even have a grocery store on site.  Yes, of course I found pasta.  LOL.  But, it gets better; they gave me some pasta as part of my swag!! So, now, I received asparagus and pasta!!  I told you, it was a great day.

Even though I started off my day with a Nutella Bombe provided by The Foodies on Foot by Sud Forno, and I ended my day with Asparagus and a great swag bag, something was missing? I just had to sing Spring Love on the way home on the asparaBUS.  Missing the way back lunch that day with DJ DANNY D, made me feel nostalgic. LOL. AND so we dedicated Spring Love to my favorite DJ on the way home.  And yes we video tapped it all for you DJ Danny D.  LOL. Thank you again for the I LOVE FREESTYLE TOUR tickets!! And thank you Steven, The Foodies on Foot for a great day on the Asparabus.

Until next time boys and girls remember to always just be yourself it will eventually one day pay off…. GO GET SOME FRESH ASPARAGUS and go SEE STEVIE B!!!! Ha-ha…

Remember, “GOOD things grow in ONTARIO!!!!!” Support Ontario Farmers!

Finally…PICTURES! ©nikisblogger

Asparagus. Ontario Farmers. Food Land Ontario IMG_2700 IMG_2702 IMG_2709 IMG_2719 IMG_2718 IMG_2854 IMG_2722 IMG_2751 IMG_2768 IMG_2757 IMG_2819 IMG_2733 IMG_2774 IMG_2777 IMG_2789 IMG_2782 IMG_3090 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_2836 VIDEO CLICK (SPRING LOVE) IMG_3086